26. settembre 2019 - 12:00 fino 13:00
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Antenatal breastfeeding education for women with diabetes | Westmead Hospital | giovedì, 26. settembre 2019

This is a 1 hour breastfeeding education session specifically for women who have  diabetes in  pregnancy.
You need to have diabetes and be at least 34 weeks pregnant to attend this education session.
It is held fortnightly on Thursdays at midday in a seminar room in the Westmead hospital education and conference centre (WECC). 
This breastfeeding workshop is designed to give you the right information and support for breastfeeding your baby  and is facilitated by a member of the lactation team. It will provide additional information that is not provided in other programs.
Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. One ticket per couple.
Topics include:
·      How to prepare for breastfeeding
·      Expressing and storing your breast milk prior to baby's birth
·      Postnatal care of diabetic women
·      How to manage your diabetes in labour
·      What happens to you and your baby after birth
·      What happens if my baby needs to go to the Special Care Nursery