26. gennaio 2019 - 10:30 fino 13:00
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The Photographer's Group Outing: Epic Systems | Epic | sabato, 26. gennaio 2019

Happy new year photographers! For our first Photographer's Group photo outing of 2019, we will be heading to Epic Systems to explore their photo-worthy campus. 
Judy Faulkner, the CEO of Epic, deemed the most successful female technology company founder alive today, could be called a lunatic or a visionary for how she designed her campus. Here is what you’ll see when we take a trip to Epic:
A red treehouse serving as a conference room, a crashing blue waterfall flows under a wooden bridge, bright yellow picnic benches for lunch, a moat and a medieval drawbridge between modern glass buildings, an annual tug of war, a staircase surrounded by bamboo, underground tunnels, skyways, two giant cactuses, a snake stretching dozens of feet, an intricately designed wizard-themed Harry Potter-esque room, a giant auditorium five stories underground that seats 11,000, hundreds of solar panels, sculptures of seals and elephants, a tin man on a bench, a life-size Grand Central Station complete with walk-in train cars, an Indiana Jones themed hallway, the Blues Brothers in wax, and a farm campus with a four-story barn, milk jugs, butter churns, and lots of tractors.
The plan will be as follows:+ We will meet Tommy in the reception area of the Andromeda building 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, January 26th. There is an above ground guest parking lot next to Andromeda. + After we are all gathered in Andomeda, we will head out on the self-guided tour. Epic provides a map and information on each building we can follow. This outing should cover the majority of the Epic Campus. Below you will find a list of what we encourage people to bring to the outing:+ Camera gear (variety of lenses accessories for indoor shooting, as well as shooting outside of the campus)+ Tripod+ Appropriate clothing (We will be walking outside between each building)+ Water
*Admission to Epic is Free*
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