27. dicembre 2018 - 19:00 fino 20:30
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Holiday Brew Co. Yoga by Drunk Yoga™ at Wisconsin Brewing Company! | Wisconsin Brewing Company | giovedì, 27. dicembre 2018

Back by popular demand, NYC's sensational  DRUNK YOGA class by Eli Walker, this time, with a holiday twist! Want to keep the holiday fun going? Had too much family togetherness and need to lift your spirit(s)? Either way, we've got you. 
Special holiday playlist and prizes for the best ugly sweater -- show us what you've got!A message from Eli:
I’ve been teaching sober yoga classes and private clients as a 500 RYT certified instructor since 2014. The Drunk Yoga revolution sprang from my desire to bring yoga, self-empowerment and community to yogis and non-yogis alike. We ditch perfectionism, take the pressure out of the practice and turn yoga into a party. My greatest hope is that you leave Drunk Yoga feeling uplifted, perhaps a little buzzed, and empowered with a new container for cultivating personal joy. *Note that Eli's signature Drunk Yoga™ class typically only allows wine. She's extending the drink options for this class to beer for a special event class in her home state of Wisconsin. 
The Class:
A 15-minute happy hour will kick off your party. We’ll cheers with beer, play some music and mingle.Eli will then bring everyone to their mats for a 45-minute beginner-friendly yoga class with glass in-hand. Class will be structured for optimal safety and fun. 
Come laugh, feel yourself and find community. 
*Drunk Yoga is a 90-minute experience. Ticket price includes yoga class + two pints of beer. BYO yoga mat.
Q: WHAT IS DRUNK YOGA?A: Drunk Yoga is a social, interactive yoga experience hosted in bars, cafes, office spaces, and other unconventional settings. We help newbies experience yoga without fear, and seasoned yogis reconnect with yoga sans pressure to be perfect. Our mission is to inspire joy, cultivate community, and bring you back to yourself. We invite you to let your hair down, have some fun and enjoy this potent union of yoga and social ritual.
Q: CAN I DO DRUNK YOGA IF I’M NOT A YOGI? A: YES! Drunk Yoga is for yogis and non-yogis alike. The only thing you need for Drunk Yoga is an attitude of gratitude and an appreciation that happiness is health. 
Q: HOW MANY DRINKS DO I GET DURING DRUNK YOGA? DO I GET “DRUNK”? A: Guests drink approximately two drinks throughout a Drunk Yoga class. Enough to feel happy-tipsy at the end. We do not let you have enough to get drunk; excessive drinking before or during class is prohibited. 
Q: DO I HAVE TO DRINK ALCOHOL AT DRUNK YOGA? A: Nope! We have plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. 
Q: CAN I COME BY MYSELF OR SHOULD I COME WITH FRIENDS? A: Whether you come alone or with friends, you’ll find a community of friends at Drunk Yoga. It’s a very open, communal environment. 
Q: ARE THERE ANY RULES TO DRUNK YOGA? A: Yes! But only to ensure safety and optimal fun.
Here they are: 
Consume no more than one drink before class begins. Do not pre-game--"less is more" in Drunk Yoga! 
Drunk Yoga is not B.Y.O.B. Guests are only allowed to drink the alcohol provided by the host. 
Hydrate! Drunk Yoga is best enjoyed by those who are happy, healthy and hydrated. Water is provided before, during and after the class.
Other “game rules” are introduced during class by your Drunk Yoga teacher, designed to help you feel and share good vibes with your classmates.
Have fun! 
More Q's? Email info@dodrunkyoga.com or visit .
**In the event Drunk Yoga is canceled due to bad weather, tickets are transferable but not refundable.