16. novembre 2019 - 9:00 fino 12:00
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CoachLeader Cafe - Focus: Planning & Goal Setting | Brick House Studio | sabato, 16. novembre 2019

We are passionate about coaching and driven to create community, connection and collaboration for professional coaches! If you've felt like you've been hanging out there since your coach training, or that you've lost touch with your coaching community, or wonder if you're staying on top of current coaching techniques, CoachLeader Cafe's are for you! Join us each month for 3 hours of learning, creative sharing, and building friendships with other professional coaches.
As a participant in CoachLeader Cafe's, you will:
You will receive 3.0 ICF CCE's per Cafe'- 30 CCE's for all 10! 
*Obtain training & instruction from ICF Credentialed Coach Trainers
*Freshen your coaching skills immediately and apply new learning with your coaching peers.
*Learn through a variety of modalities, including hands-on experience, skill drills, observation, journaling, reflection, and sharing. 
*Build relationships and work in a learning community of professional coaches