25. aprile 2019 - 19:30 fino 21:30
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Bugs & Brews | Wisconsin Brewing Company | giovedì, 25. aprile 2019

Join us for a truly unique and gourmet pairing experience.  Included is a guided adventure through 4-6 craft beers thoughtfully matched for flavor with insects such as crickets, mealworms, or queen weaver ants. We'll explore the delicate flavor profiles of some delicious beverages and bugs while learning a bit more about edible insects. 
More about Swarm to Table: 

As the global population increases and climate change intensifies, developing creative, sustainable, and resilient strategies for agriculture and food security is essential. UW Swarm-to-Table is a multidisciplinary insects-as-food lecture, tasting, and meal series, presented by the Mission to Improve Global Health through Eating insects (MIGHTi) at the Global Health Institute and its partner organizations. UW Swarm-to-Table seeks to explore research around insect agriculture and cuisine, and celebrate the role of insects in human health, sustainable agriculture, and existing food culture.