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VENICE, THE POWER OF THE PAST, THE EVERLASTING MYTH | St Mark's Square | sabato, 21. settembre 2019

    St Mark's Basilica (with priority line) - the Doges' Palace - Bridge of Sighs -
New Prisons - With a complete historical overview
St Mark’s Basilica with the spiritual, all-pervading light of its golden mosaics,with its sumptuously colored marble floor, will introduce the theme of Venice’sintense relations with Constantinople and the Eastern world.
It was originally built to enshrine the body of St Mark the Evangelist, arrived in 828 from Egypt, subsequently lost and miraculously found on the day of the dedication of the new church, in 1094.
Your guide will tell you about the dramatic events that brought Venice to organize and divert the course of the 4th Crusade (1204) against Constantinople, with the consequent looting of its churches and monuments. Most of the magnificent marbles and bronzes that decorate the Church arrived to Venice in those years. The most famous booty were the magnficent Four Horses in bronze and gold, now in the Museum of St Mark.

After that your guide will spend some time at illustrating all the different buildings surrounding the two world famous Squares, the Piazza and the Piazzetta San Marco: the Old & New Procuratie, the Library, the Bell Tower, the Clock Tower...there's a lot to say and see...! These world-renown architectures  are the living memory of all the past glories of Venice. Understanding their functions and symbolical values will enhance your knowledge and appreciation for the millenary Lagoon City.
Our 'Power of the Past' tour continues with a visit to the Doges' Palace, seat of Venetian power for over nine centuries, a majestic, Moorish looking architecture built between the 14th and the 15th centuries.
Here you will learn about the rise, long life, and golden decandece of „La Serenissima“, the Most Serene Venetian Republic, a powerful state that based its legendary wealth on international commerce, ship building and diplomacy. 
Amongst the 'must sees': the Golden Stair (la Scala d'Oro) by Jacopo Sansovino, the powerful  paintings by Jacopo Tintoretto and  Paolo Veronese, the enormous Council Hall (Sala del Maggior Consiglio) and the Armoury.
Our guide will narrate the major events that characterized the history of this building (fires, reconstructions, restylings) and frame the different State councils in their respective rooms, stressing the accent on their functions and interactions.
Some words will be spent about the pivotal figure of the Doge, president of the aristocratic republic, about the State organization and about the importance given to  bureaucracy and to political relations with the other nations.
Cross the Bridge of Sighs we'll visit the so called "New" Prisons, located on a separate  building designed at the end of the 16th century to be a more humane and functional jail, still in use until 1922! Many original elements are still visible, and it is not difficult to imagine how was life in prison.
Our tour will be over around 5.00 pm.
This tour operates:
FROM 2.30 UNTIL 5.00 PM             Meeting point :
at the exit of the Doges' Palace
(see picture on the right )
Price for this tour: Euro 60 per personmaximum number of participants :  8 people 
Duration of this tour : 2,5 hrs
Admission to the Doges' Palace (not included) 
= 22 euros per person
(reductions for students & senior citizens are available, pls bring your docs)
Dress code :
please no backpacks, no shorts (knee high are fine) , no sleeeveless (short sleeves ok) .
As official city guides we can access St Mark's Basilica through priority line
(as noted above, high tide and religious services permitting !)IMPORTANT :  if you're a single traveler  please contact us before booking !
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