24. febbraio 2017 - 9:30
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Street Photography Workshop - The Bragdon Brothers | Venezia, Italia | venerdì, 24. febbraio 2017

"Venice is one of the most photographed cities and its famous Carnival is one of the most photographed events in the world.
Many people think that Venice is easy to photograph because everywhere you look is a postcard-perfect image. However this is not really the case: this beauty 'overdose' can easily lead the eye into clichés.
When we first saw the work of the Bragdon brothers, we immediately thought they would be perfect for the challenge of holding a workshop to showcase a different side of Venice. They are exceptional street photographers, their view is never banal and digs deep into the details and essence of the subjects they photograph."(Francesca Lanaro and Federico Sutera)
The Bragdon brothers: Gavin and Gareth Bragdon are street photographers based in Edinburgh Scotland. They have been doing street photography since 2011 and since then have shot not only in Scotland but also throughout Europe. Their work has become known internationally and is known for the use of off camera flash, a technique originally used to deal with the Scottish weather but became a way to expose the surreality of the urban environment and the people inhabiting it. The brothers are also members of the Scottish street photography collective Grey Skies and the international Full Frontal Flash.


For more information about the authors please visit their official website: Gareth Bragdon Photography () and Gavin Bragdon Photography ()
The workshop will be held in Venice, at Xframe Studio () on February 24th, 25th and 26th 2017 from 9.30 A.M. till 6.30 P.M (7 1/2 hours per day).
The total price for subscription is € 280,00. The rate doesn't include food, transportation or accomodation expenses.
Special offer: 20% discount will be refunded to the first two participants at the end of the workshop.

Number of participants required to guarantee the workshop: min. 8 and max. 12

The workshop will be held in english by the Bragdon brothers, curated and supervised by Francesca Lanaro and Federico Sutera

Requirements: Laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom, digital camera. Flash and TTL cord are optionals.

For further information and application please visit: xframestudio.com or contact: info@xframestudio.com
  • Unfortunately, at the moment, we didn't reach the minimum number of participants. So we should cancel the workshop. What a shame! We are seriously thinking to do it anyway, but we need at least one more application, otherwise it can't start. Come on, don't be shy, apply now! x
  • >> LAST CALL >> Entry are gonna close at 9 p.m. Don't be shy, apply now! x
  • Francesca Lanaro is the supervisor of this workshop. Globetrotter since childhood, photoreporter since 2010. Among her major works, a first solo exhibition ‘A moment before’ was on view in Venice; she collaborated with Trees for the Future and Seva Foundation doing reportage around the world. Her motto is "we need doubt to see properly" x #workshop #streetphotography #BrangdonBrothers #XframeStudio
  • Last 24hrs to apply. Hurry up! Don't miss this unique opportunity to spend 3 days photographing the streets of Venice during Carnival together with Gavin and Gareth Bragdon. Apply now: http://www.xframestudio.com/book-your-workshop
  • Federico Sutera is the founder of Xframe Studio. He truly love photography, travelling, and people. That's why street photography is his stronger passion. That's why he organized this amazing workshop. x #workshop #streetphotography #BrangdonBrothers #XframeStudio
  • Hey dudes, there are still a few days to register for the street photography workshop in Venice during Carnivale! If interested, sign up by the 18th and we will see you soon!
  • Who are the teachers? / part 2 Gavin Bragdon << I became engrossed with the idea of the “decisive moment” and the idea that one could take pieces of the world around them and through the camera make it into something else beyond initial appearances. >> Here we are, with some of his amazing photos. Take a Look! x #workshop #streetphotography #BrangdonBrothers #XframeStudio
  • But who are the teachers, the Bragdon brothers? Gareth Bragdon [ finalist in the Magnum photography Award 2016 ] << When I became a street photographer, I became a voyeur into the world around me as opposed to just being part of it. >> Here you can see some of his amazing photos. Take a Look! x #workshop #streetphotography #BrangdonBrothers #XframeStudio
  • <3
  • Apply now and get a 20% off. Special offer until the 8th of February!
  • hey guys, join us for our workshop we will be teaching in Venice during the world famous Carnival. It is a month away and spaces are limited so if you are interested follow the links on this page and sign up ASAP!
  • Hey kids, our workshop during the Venice Carnival is nearly a month away. Spaces are limited so sign up soon if you are interested!
  • A) Congratulations Gareth Bragdon! Someone got finalist in the Magnum photography awards! B) Just a wee something rather coming up in Venice in about a month.
  • Hello peoples, Gareth Bragdon and I shall be teaching a workshop during the Carnival in Venice later next month. We will teach you ways and methods to make better street photographs, improve your technique and also to make images that are outside of the box of what others would shoot in a city like Venice or anywhere else for that matter. It'll be a blast. Book soon if you are interested as spaces are limited!
  • Good lights and shadows for all
  • This a fabulous opportunity for you two. Best of luck to you both. Xx
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-q6Hg0lm1c Joel Meyerowitz and some other street photographers at work in the intro to Everybody Street (highly recommend). Meyerowitz is perhaps one of the best articulators of street photography and certainly helped get me into it. Hope you all get some inspiration from this.
  • Photo Gavin Bragdon 💥💥💥hands on camera guys and get ready for the workshop! 💥💥💥
  • Photo Gareth Bragdon. hands on camera guys and get ready for the workshop!
  • Grazie ciao Francesca! Non so però se sarò a Venezia ***
  • Photo by Gareth Bragdon and Gavin Bragdon