02. dicembre 2019 - 18:30 fino 21:30
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Build Progressive Web Apps in Java | Zero11 SRL | lunedì, 02. dicembre 2019

A first introduction to Vaadin Framework with Alejandro Duarte
What is Vaadin and why should you use this beatiful framework?
Vaadin is an open source Java web framework. With Vaadin, your UI code runs securely on the server, right next to your business logic that you can access with native Java API. Vaadin takes care of routing and server-client communication transparently, quickly, and securely, so you can focus on what matters - building a great app for your users.
What will you discover in this event?
During this event you will discover more about Vaadin, components, layouts and how to combine these to build beautiful and highly usable UIs. We also get you up to speed on terminology used throughout the courses. 
What you will discover:

Basic Vaadin application architecture
Vaadin terminology
What Vaadin components are and how to add them to layouts
How to deploy a Vaadin application

About Alejandro Duarte, Keynote Speaker
Alejandro Duarte is COMMUNITY SUCCESS MANAGER at Vaadin. He is author of best books on Vaadin:

Data-Centric Applications with Vaadin 8: Develop and maintain high-quality web applications using Vaadin
Vaadin 7 UI Design By Example: Beginner’s Guide
Getting started with Vaadin 10

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