15. dicembre 2019 - 17:00 fino 21:00
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Youth Ninja Warrior Winter Competition | Northern Virginia Ninja Training (NOVA NINJA) | domenica, 15. dicembre 2019

The youth division will consist of the following age groups:Division I: Age 5-7Division II: Age 8-10Division III: Age 11-12Division IV: Age 13+
The child's age on September 1st, 2019 will decide what age category they fall into.
Run order is determined by sign up order.  First to sign-up = last to run.  
The competition will consist of a 10 obtsacle stage 1 and a ninja bonus challenge. 
In addition to the main course runs, contestants can "play" on our upstairs ninja course during event time!  PARENTAL SUPERVISION REQUIRED UPSTAIRS AT ALL TIMES!  
Competition Fee
Division I: Age 5-7 - $30 Division II: Age 8-10 - $30Division III: Age 11-12 - $40Division IV: Age 13+  $40
Awards are provided for the top 3 ninjas in each division.  Additional prizes provided by our ninja sponsors will be given to the 1st place ninjas in divsion III and IV.  Your child is allowed to compete in a higher division than their age group if desired. Prizes include award medal, ninja gear from some of our favorite sponsors, ninja training swag, and more!
Stage 1 Course:  This course will consist of approximatey 10 obstacles. Stage 1 will be scored by total number of obstacles completed in the given time cap. All competitors will be allowed to complete the course despite any "faults" within the time cap allotted.  
Schedule of Day - these are approximate time frames. Times will depend on number of competitors per division and are subject to change.
Division I and Division II: 5pm arrival.  Awards at 6:30pm.Division III and Division IV:  7:00pm arrival.  Awards immediately following (approximately 8:15pm). 

FAQsWill the runs be posted prior to the event?No.  In true ninja warrior fashion, courses will be announced at the start of each age division. Expect the staples of any ninja warrior obstacles to be present. Balance, grip, agility, and upper body strength! These will all be age appropriate.  There will be random spontaneous announcements on included obstacles from our facebook page, so like us at CrossFit Loudoun & NoVa Ninja Training to stay up to date! 
What happens if my child has a fault on an obstacle?Every child will get to run the full course in the maximum time allowed for their division.  We strive for each participant to have a great experience and feel empowered by their performance.  If a child feels uncomfortable with an obstacle, they can bypass it.  However, we certainly encourage each child to try every obstacle!  
Will there be any time to practice?No. There will not be time to practice the day of the event on the main course.  A warm-up / "play" area will be available upstairs in our ninja mezzanine.  If you would like to practice on the obstacles prior to competing, open gym times are available as well as private training and group training. Actual course will not be announced until start of competition. Can my child move up or down to the next age brackett if their skills are more suited to those obstacles? If you would like your child to complete in the division above their actual age, please register based on their desired division, not their curent age. Prize packages do increase per age group.Is there a difference in prize packages for each age group?Prize packages vary for each division (i.e. larger prize package for division IV than division I). What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?Parking is available. Should the parking lot overflow, walking less than 0.1 miles can be expected.What can/can't I bring to the event?Large dogs or shedding pets must be kept outdoors. Coolers, chairs and food are permitted. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?Please e-mail info@novaninja.com with any questions.