25. agosto 2019 - 15:00 fino 23:59
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Scott Stulberg - Afterglow: Shooting after Dark | Sedona Creative Life Center | domenica, 25. agosto 2019

From dusk till dawn, the darkness can reveal a world filled with mystery and wonder. Photographic possibilities become endless when imagination and knowledge collide after dark. Movement, color, and light combine to give results that are often unseen with the naked eye.  Longer shutter speeds can produce imposing cobalt blue skies, surreal car trails and star trails, one of a kind silhouettes, gorgeous motion blurs, electrifying lightning and of course the awe-inspiring Milky Way Galaxy.
This workshop will show the endless possibilities of capturing images after the sun goes down. From architecture, to travel, to slow shutter speeds after dark to the drama of lightning; many ways to capture stunning images after dark will be discussed. The class will also focus on capturing the night sky and the elusive & spectacular Milky Way. One of the best parts of being in Sedona is the extreme dark sky along with the gorgeous red rocks, which are a perfect mix to get breathtaking images of the Milky Way Galaxy and the night sky. In the class you will learn everything you need to know about scouting locations, knowing when and where the Milky Way will be, all of your camera settings and the best gear to use.
This class will include some of the best apps for your computer and your cell phone for understanding the Milky Way and night sky. It will also go over some good and useful post-processing techniques to make your images look their best possible. There is a lot to know about shooting almost anything after the sun goes down and this class will go over much of what you need to know. Students are expected to be familiar with their camera gear and with basic photographic techniques.
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