09. febbraio 2019 - 11:00 fino 15:00
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Mad Love for Education | Mad River Harley-Davidson | sabato, 09. febbraio 2019

We have MAD love for the Anti-Virus Youth Education Program! That's why we are hosting a COOK OFF with FOUR categories! That's right, four chances to win first place! 
What does first place mean? It means a $75 Mad River gift card and 1st place plaque (FOR EACH CATEGORY)!

Mac N Cheese


FREE entry
You may submit one dish for each category 
40 full sized portions (actual portions will be smaller)
Any "equipment" you may require-crock pots, heating dishes, etc. 
Your own power/extension cords (reccomend putting name on)

What we supply:

Any extras/sides (onions, sour cream, etc.)

How are food is judged:

Contest will be judged by the process of voting, voting will be done by customers
Points will be awarded on: creativity (both ascetically and for the flavor) and taste

Taste testing will be a $10 donation to Anti-Virus Youth Education. Winner announced at 3pm. For more information on Anti-Virus visit their website at AntiVirusYouth.org
Registration deadline is February 2nd, 2019