05. dicembre 2018 - 9:00
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The 2nd international conference on Green Urbanism | University of Rome Tor Vergata | mercoledì, 05. dicembre 2018

Green Urbanism is defined as the practice of creating communities beneficial to human and the environment it is an attempt to shape more Sustainable Surroundings, Communities, and Lifestyles. and consume less of the world’s resources. Green Urbanism is interdisciplinary, combining the collaboration of Landscape Architects, Engineers, Urban Planners, Ecologists, Transport Planners, Physicists, Psychologists, Sociologists, Economists and other Specialists in addition to architects and Urban Designers. Cities can and must become the most Environmentally-Friendly model for inhabiting our Earth. It is more important than ever to re-conceptualize existing Cities and their systems of infrastructure, to be compact, mixed-use and polycentric cities.
The Conference provides a context for a general debate about the Regeneration of the city center and discusses how urbanism is affected by the paradigms of ecology.
Conference Topics:
   1. City Urban Form and Natural Resources
   2. Urbanization of Rural Area: Energy, Water and Food Security
   3. Strengthening The Connection Between City Center and Its Gateways
   4. Sustainable Public Transportation and Mobility Systems
   5. Creative Environments: Sustainable Places of Living, Working and Recreation
   6. Green Infrastructures and Social Services
   7. Green Buildings: Designing Buildings with Nature and with Technologies
   8. Energy-efficiency in The Built Environment
   9. Waste Management, Pollution and Health Risks
   10. Climate Responsive Architecture: Solar Architecture and Renewable Energies
   11. Green Buildings and Districts in Passive Designs: Daylight in Buildings and Nature Ventilation
   12. Innovative and Eco-friendly Materials for The Building Envelope
   13. Strategies for New Cities Proposals in Developing Countries
   14. Towards Zero-waste City
15. Landscape, Gardens, Streetscapes and Urban Biodiversity
16. Water, Local Food and Short Supply Chains
17. Formulating The Principles of Green Urbanism
18. Urban Governance, Leadership and Best Practice in Education, Research and Knowledge
19. Regeneration of The City Center
20. Sustainable Urban Transport Strategies
21. Urban Growth of Developing Cities
22. Sustainable Surroundings
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