16. gennaio 2020 - 10:00 fino 18:00
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Presentation Skills for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Teams - Roma | Rome | giovedì, 16. gennaio 2020

Format: 1 day seminarCurriculum: Leadership focused intensive class on Structure, Design
What if your presentations were fun and exciting, always obtained results and took half the time to prepare?Imagine the positive impact on your reputation and personal brand.Think about how your peers and colleagues would begin to perceive you.Ultimately imagine how this would boost your career or your business.

Why You Need the Best Presentation Skills
In business, in academia, at conferences, and in meetings it’s crucial that your message is clear, concise, and effective.
Whether you are communicating inside an organization, to your customers, or to the industry at large, your presentation skills determine how quickly and strongly your ideas will travel.
The Benefit of Our Training
We provide presentation skills training courses that help you convey a clear message, organize your thoughts, lay out your slides, and deliver a TED-level presentation.
900+ Successful Presentation Students
Since 2014 we’ve helped more than 900 individuals succeed at university and in the workplace. We’ve helped employees that want to stand out among peers and freelancers that need to conquer the hearts and minds of new clients.
Who Is This Training For?
This training has provided great results for the following groups:

Students: academia is a competitive environment. Communication skills allow students to stand out and succeed.
Freelancers: working independently requires the ability to communicate clearly with clients and partners.
Accounts/Agencies/Sales teams: one of the core purposes of storytelling is to sell an idea, a service, a product.
Managers and Teams: Presentation Hero simplifies internal and external corporate communications by providing a common framework in which diverse teams can collaborate.

Customer Testimonials

Luca, blogger: “Life is too short to sit through bad presentations, and you have probably already seen too many of them. It’s time to get in touch with the Presentation Hero Academy. We can make the world a better place, one presentation at the time.”

Francesca, Consultant: “Presentation Hero brings order where habit created havoc and made us understand that we can work and communicate much better. It’s a tool to drastically improve both how we do our work and how we present it.”

Andrea, Entrepreneur: “If you’re gearing up for your next pitch and you’re not already using Presentation Hero, you are a genius or… you’re doing it all wrong.”

Roelof, Partner: “In collaboration with Matteo we are able to develop presentations for our clients with a proven methodology. It gives us a firm structure through which we create better, engaging presentations. What’s more; our clients become better, more confident presenters themselves!”
What If Your Next Presentation Was Effortless?
A sense of panic invades us each time we’re tasked with a presentation. It shouldn’t be that way. With the help of a proven method you can give the correct structure to your ideas and create a small number of effective slides following a storytelling structure that works 100% of the time.
What If Your Next Presentation Was at the Level of a TED Talk?
Academic and corporate presentations are often boring and forgettable. In the meantime the world tunes in to hear specific talks like Apple keynote addresses and TED talks. That level of public speaking is within your reach.
Why Should I Attend a Presentation Hero Seminar?
I’ve never been confident on stage. Not even today. Yet this is what I do all the time. I needed a proven method to build successful presentations. I needed help becoming more confident on stage. I needed a technique to cut the time it takes to prepare slides. I created Presentation Hero for myself. And since its inception it has helped almost a thousand (!) people.
I Just Need to Sell X. How Can You Help?
Presentation Hero is particularly effective when it comes to the sales process. I’ve tested it with clients that need to deliver a company pitch to win new business. It has also been used to create sales videos. I’ve used it as a tool to deliver brief sales presentations that kickstart the sales meeting (in contrast to the exhausting and ineffective decks usually prepared by the marketing/product teams).
Who Is Matteo Cassese?

Hi! I’m a marketing consultant and an enthusiastic entrepreneur with experience working for multinational companies (Warner Bros.), teaching at a university (Link Campus University), and consulting for entertainment companies (Netflix). I’m a scholar of storytelling and have dug deep into screenwriting techniques, mythology, and trans-media narratives. This passion is translated in the simple structure template that you get in all my courses. In my free time I enjoy driving cars (fast).

What Is the Exact Course Curriculum?
Presentation Structure
Learn how to create presentations with one powerful, universal blueprint. Go from motivating your audience to providing them with actionable to-dos, while keeping them excited about your content.
Presentation Design
Learn a presentation design process that allows you to be more strategic, save time, and create stunning slides with any presentation software.
What’s Included?

All the slides for you to review
Online course access
Certificate of course completion
FREE repeat policy

In which language will the seminar be conducted?
The seminar will be conducted in English. I am also fluent in Italian and have a good level of German. If there is any need to clarify anything using any other language, we will be glad to do it.
What level of presentation skills should I have before joining this course?
This course will benefit you greatly whether you’re just starting or whether you’re a veteran of public speaking. Presentation Hero offers you a fresh perspective that covers all aspects of public speaking and is suitable for all levels.
I feel anxious about the topic of presenting. I’m getting nervous even reading this…
You’re not alone. Public speaking is a common source of distress for many individuals. Even seasoned public speakers will admit to having trouble preparing for the stage. We will work with empathy and support your journey to presenting with confidence.
I’m ready. What do I need to bring?
There is nothing specific that you need to bring to this course, apart from your enthusiasm and your attention. However, if you have an upcoming presentation, please use it as a reference while we go through the modules of the course. This will help you make immediate, practical use of what you learn.
I want some more background information
I've collected all the info on this course at the Presentation Hero page. A large collection of articles on the topics can be found on my presentation blog. You can also find most of my high quality courseware on Teachable, Udemy or YouTube.

I still have questions
Please email Matteo Cassese under matteoc@matteoc.com or get in touch through our super simple feedback form.