16. dicembre 2018 - 19:00 fino 22:00
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Free and Safe in Cyberspace - Rome Edition 2018 | Montecitori Palace | domenica, 16. dicembre 2018

After 5 international editions - twice in Brussels, and once in New York and Brazil - we are coming to Rome on December 16th 2018, to catalyze a dialogue and a critical mass of diverse stakeholders around the prospects of emerging next-generation ICT security certifications and solutions that can deliver radically exceed the state-of-the-art of security and privacy.
Delegates from major enterprises and banks will be able to learn and question their potential to deliver a whole new level of mitigation of the costs deriving from cybercrime and GDPR mandatory disclosure requirements. We'll talk about the "zero trust" paradigms behind those initiatives, the role of blockchains, Artificial Intelligence, and quantum computing, and the need to avoid hampering cyber-investigation capabilities. Delegates will learn about the economic opportunities and first-mover advantage for those public and private organizations that will foster an initial compliant ecosystem.