12. luglio 2018 - 9:30
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EXHIBITION LEONARDO DA VINCI | Roma | giovedì, 12. luglio 2018

• Enter the incredible mind of Leonardo da Vinci, a leading artist and intellectual of the Italian Renaissance.• See over 200 machines designed. Try out the 65 active wooden models, made according the Da Vinci codes, including flying machines, war machines, mechanisms and water machines, and also admire the most important studies on anatomy.• Discover the 9 HOLOGRAMS created with the latest holographic technology, which give life to the inventions of the great Genius.• Examine his studies on "Water", "Air", "Fire" and "Earth" to get a more complete picture of his intellect and approach his inventions in science, military and aviation.• The exhibition is housed in the Palazzo della Cancelleria, owned by the Vatican. The building of the late '400 is one of the most beautiful buildings in Rome, adjacent to the most famous squares (CAMPO DE' FIORI-PIAZZA NAVONA), arouses great interest because of its Renaissance architecture. The upper floor houses the Vatican court: the Sacra Rota and the Sala dei Cento giorni, entirely frescoed by Vasari.• Visiting the Museum you can also access an underground Rome, which houses the remains of a sepulchral temple dating back to 43 BC. of the consul Aulus Irzio, immersed in the waters of the ancient Euripus river. Unique and rare to admire in Rome.