16. agosto 2019 - 5:30 fino 7:30
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140 metres above Rome, run to the top | Piazza Venezia | venerdì, 16. agosto 2019

We will step outside from the touristic area to climb the highest hill in Rome and get one of the best views of Rome at 140 meters height.
From Piazza Venezia we will run all the way until Ponte Milvio bridge to complete the first 5km. This first part will be almost an straight line.
After crossing the Tiber river on Ponte Milvio bridge our next stop will be the Stadio dei Marmi to run a loop on the athletics track.
From there we will take Lungotevere Maresciallo Diaz that will bring us to Piazzale Maresciallo Giardino from where the trail will start.
The trail is almost 2km long with an uneven terrain made out of rocks and that's what make it more challenging. We can rest at half way or run no-stop until the top and try to get there in less than 59 minutes.
But there are no rules and everyone can join. We will be an small group of max 4 runners.
At the top of Monte Mario hill we will take a break, have something to drink and take some photos.
On the way down we will take Via Romeo Romei and I'll bring you to a "forno" bakery in Italian, where I like to go for breakfast. To tell the truth it's a tiny place but everything is really tasty and you could buy a salty or sweet bite.
We will find one table just to hold the plates and there won't be any chairs to sit. Only standing.
Please keep in mind it's not "The classic Italian coffee experience" it's just a great bakery.
This will be the route:
Piazza Venezia, Via del Corso, Via Flamiania, Ponte Milvio (5km), Stadio dei Marmi and the top of Monte Mario hill (10km) The default route are 12km and about 1h30m ending at the Ottaviano metro station. To run back to the starting point it's a total of 15km and about 2 hours. If you would like to keep running, there is the opportunity to run around the Vatican hill (3.5km) and climb the Gianicolo hill, running up the 3 hills will be almost 22km.