26. settembre 2020 - 18:30 fino 20:00
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HAPPY 250TH BIRTHDAY MR BEETHOVEN! | The Annunziata Historic Building | sabato, 26. settembre 2020

CONCERT N.  2265
Saturday 26 September 2020, 6.30 PMRavello, Annunziata Historic BuildingBeethoven transcribes himself - 2AGER PIANO TRIOILARIO RUOPOLO violinFRANCESCO D'ARCANGELO celloPASQUALE RUSSO pianoLudwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)Piano Trio Op.63 (after String Quintet Op.4)Piano Trio Op.38 (after the Septet Op.20)

Please note that the right is reserved to substitute artists, to vary the programme and the concert location if necessary.