25. giugno 2019 - 19:30 fino 21:30
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La Cruz101 - urban hike & local meal | La Rotonda del Mar - sculpture installation on the Malecon. | martedì, 25. giugno 2019

It's a fun urban hike with a local friend to the highest lookout in town, plus a delicious local meal at a very unique spot. A fantastic cultural experience, mixed with a little adventure. Great as an early hike or sunset walk.
​First, as a warm up, a quick visit to the Matamoros lighthouse, another popular viewpoint of the city, located a couple of blocks uphill in Gringo Gulch. Then we´ll get a snack, stock up on water and make our way to the top of the famous "Cerro de la Cruz" through the staircases and steep streets of the neighborhood. It's several ups and downs, until finally two hundred steps will take us to the very top, where we will enjoy amazing 360 degree views of Puerto Vallarta. There we will spend some time admiring the scenery and hearing stories and a little bit of the history of Banderas Bay, while we take pictures and simply wonder at the beauty of this earth.
We will later head back down the mountain and visit a local eatery where we will feast on some of Jalisco's most traditional breakfast or supper dishes. We expect to be very hungry coming down.
Join us and spend an unforgettable time with us.

You take care of your check
At the available food stops, you will learn the menus and prices. We will guide you and recommend the most authentic and representative foods. Then you pay for your own meal. 
The total expense per person for water, snacks and a filling meal is about $10-15 USD, at the very most. Please bring the equivalent in pesos if posible.

How longAbout 2.5 hours and about 2 miles, give or take, with many resting areas and bathroom stops along the way. However, please note this is a moderate, but fairly energetic urban hike for people in fairly good physical condition. There is cobblestone and several steps and staircases and steep streets involved, but it is perfectly doable for people of all ages with good mobility. 

How much
The walk is free. However, as a gratuity, You Pay What You Want. You decide.
At the end of the walk, if you are happy, you contribute with the amount per person, in pesos or dollars, you feel your experience was worth. We will make sure you love it.
Reservations are made on the honor system. You are making an honest commitment to attend a limited capacity group. We prefer small groups. Up to 12 people.

WhereWe meet at the Rotunda of the Sea (picture below), the large sculpture installation by Alejandro Colunga located right on the Malecon, next to the popular brewery called Cerveceria Union. The meeting point is easily accesible by bus, uber or taxi or by walking the very famous Malecon.
This hike takes place around the oldest and most historic neighborhood, "el centro" or downtown. It is the perfect combination of culture, urban adventure and fun. The stories are enlightening, the views are astonishing and the the food is rewarding.
The views from the top are beautiful during the day and breathtaking at sunset. Sunsets are unforgettable in Banderas Bay!

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Contact us at welovevallarta@gmail.com if you would like to request a private tour or a particular date.

*Walks do not operate in dangerous or very severe weather.