25. agosto 2019 - 13:00 fino 17:00
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Leyte: Super Sunday - doTERRA Essential Oils | Francesco Cafe | domenica, 25. agosto 2019

Super Sundays are a Comprehensive look into Essential Oils and their uses.  We start with a 1 hour Introduction to Essential Oils.  We will talk about What Essential Oils are, How to use them, and What makes Doterra Essential Oils different.  In our 2nd hour we'll talk about Essential Oils to Stabilize Blood Sugar and in the 3rd hour we'll talk about Essential Oils for Healthy Hormones.  In the 4th hour we will talk about the Doterra Business Opportunity.
1PM Introduction to Essential Oils
2PM Essential Oils for Balanced Blood Sugar
3PM Doterra Business Overview
I look forward to meeting you and sharing these life changing oils with you and your family.
**A special welcome gift will be given to all paid registrants upon arrival. 
***The value of this essential oil sample will exceed the price of the registration fee.