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Yoga Anatomy of Pregnancy Online Workshop with Michelle Lam | domenica, 30. agosto 2020

Do you know there are many things that you can help a pregnant mother to prepare for her delivery? The whole process can be a lot smoother and labor could be more pleasant by simply preparing the mother's body properly. A lot of complications can be avoided totally. What to learn more? Join this groundbreaking 5 hours online course with renowned Physiotherapist and Yoga Anatomy Trainer Michelle Lam, you will explore the physiology of pregnancy and more.

You’ll explore:

• different stages of pregnancy, it's characteristics and what Yoga asana are suitable

• physiological changes during pregnancy and what implications they have in Yoga practice

• different stages in natural delivery and how to prepare your client through this critical moment

• common problems during pregnancy, including pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis rectus, nausea, Braxton Hicks contraction ; the cause and ways to handle them.

• Note: not exclusive to woman! Male participants most welcome!!

This is a live & interactive online workshop where you participate in real time. You can connect with the trainer and get personalized tips if you turn on your camera. The live workshop can also be watched as recordings afterwards.

Students will receive an official certificate of completion upon completion of the course. The certificate is eligible for 5 hours credit on Yoga Alliance Continuing Education YACE under the Anatomy and Physiology subject.

Register Now: MYR 120 (normally MYR400)