19. agosto 2020 - 19:00 fino 20:00
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Where do you draw the line? BOUNDARIES with COLLEEN NELSON LPC | mercoledì, 19. agosto 2020

A free masterclass on boundaries that will help you learn

where your line is and how to communicate them effectively.

Hi I’m Colleen

Licensed Professional Counselor and Trauma Therapist. I believe in accessible relatable therapy to bridge the gap between your couch and mine. I want to shift the way we access and think about therapy in order to reach the people who are not quite ready for standard in person therapy. I want everyone to have the tools necessary to heal themselves and connect deeply with themselves and others.

Do You….

..always say yes and regret your decision later

..over commit to everything leaving you overwhelmed and exhausted

..accommodate and accommodate and then finally reach your threshold and blow up

..have different values than your family, friends or co workers but you find yourself staying silent or pretending to agree with them

..get into relationships and forget you have needs or are afraid to state them

..want to speak your truth but you don’t know how to

..find yourself in situations you want to get out of but don’t know how to say no