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Quiet Ambition: Free Place | lunedì, 31. agosto 2020

Quiet Ambition is a 3-week mindset course for sensitive business owners who want to increase their income, amplify their impact, and expand what's possible in business (by unapologetically owning who they are and what they want).

This course is not about business plans and marketing strategies. It’s about how you feel about the work that you do, which matters more than many of us have been led to believe. Over three weeks you’ll learn to access your biggest business asset: your own intuition and desire.

Here are the details:

Quiet Ambition is a 3-week programme, delivered daily from August 31st-September 20th via email and/ or private podcast (you choose which method you prefer).

Each day is kept deliberately digestible to make it easier for you to do this impactful work. You really can see big shifts with a small, focused amount of mindset work every day. You’ll need around 15-30 minutes for the daily exercises, which consist mainly of journalling, visualising, setting goals or taking practical actions to anchor them in.

Need support as you go through the content? Simply reply to any email throughout the three weeks to ask questions, or attend the live q&a at the end of the programme.

No matter where you are in your business journey, there are always new layers to uncover. There are always new desires that feel “too much” or “not possible”. Give it 3 weeks, and we’ll turn these beliefs on their head.

Apply here: https://ruthpoundwhite.com/quiet-ambition-application/#buy