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Network and Natter: Huddle | giovedì, 20. agosto 2020

A unique virtual event with a problem-solving twist, bringing together a 'huddle of minds' to connect, learn and help businesses grow.

Network & Natter: Huddle, takes inspiration from the meaning of the word 'huddle' - a close group of people or things. This event aims to bring together "a huddle of minds" to share knowledge and ideas to help overcome business problems.

Before COVID-19 Network & Natter was a quarterly event, based in Banbury, helping people to connect, learn and grow their businesses. We reckon there has never been a better time for the business community to come together.

We are now living in a virtual world. To help you and your business adapt and thrive during these strange times, we've teamed up with Hewick Events to create something totally different and designed to add real value to your business.

Why attend Network & Natter: Huddle?

Back by popular demand, this unique virtual event includes a problem-solving twist, where great minds come to connect, learn and grow their businesses.

You will hear from three speakers who will share insights from their area of specialism. Then, having heard an overview from each expert you will be split into 'huddles' for an in-depth session with your chosen expert and participate-led Q&A - think of the expert as your own personal business guru.


-16:00 - Welcome

-16:05 - Short participant introductions (20 secs)

-16:15 - Insight overview #1 Angus Grady, LinkedIn Unlocker

-16:25 - Insight overview #2 Graham Hill, Insight6

-16:35 - Insight overview #3 Lisa Mallier, No Fluff Comms

-16:45 - Huddle expert sessions

-17:45 - Round up with further Q&A

-18:00 - Event close

Choose your huddle

You get to choose your huddle topic when you register as long as there is still space! This event is all about YOU and YOUR business. Spaces are limited to 6 per huddle to guarantee quality and bespoke conversations targeted to your business.

Please find below a description of what you will learn in each huddle.

Angus Grady, LinkedIn Unlocker - LinkedIn Unlocking Treasure Chest

In this session we will discuss the 6 P's for LinkedIn and why they are an essential as part of your LinkedIn campaign. You will go away knowing how to better optimise your profile for better visibility, to enhance your profitability and boost your engagement through LinkedIn. Your profile will become more magnetic to naturally stand out. Unlocking the LinkedIn Treasure chest in this session will give you more than a few gems to go away with and implement for a better LinkedIn experience.

Graham Hill, Insight6, Your Ultimate Customer Journey – How to deliver more profit through better customer experiences

Customer Experience is fast becoming the main reason a potential customer chooses your business, and a recent study has suggested that this is the year it will become the key brand differentiator. With the challenges of lockdown, the experience you deliver for your customers is more important than ever.

Graham will be talking about how you can ensure your business is consistently delivering a memorable experience for your customers, whatever sector you are in, and how this will lead to an increase in loyalty, conversion, average spend and profits. Sharing insight, stories, expertise and practical tips for all sectors, he will make you think about the experience you are delivering and how to make it exceptional.

Lisa-Marie Mallier, No Fluff Communications, Getting more bang for your marketing buck - an integrated approach

When the going gets tough, economically speaking, it can be tempting to put the breaks on your marketing. This is absolutely not the time to stop but to accelerate! If you want to survive, revive and thrive you need to be demonstrating how you can help people. Your marketing should be helping you to work smarter not harder.

As a hater of "marketing fluff" Lisa-Marie will show you how to save time and money on your marketing by using an integrated approach. She will explain the principle of integrated marketing and share best practice tips for planning campaigns to align your channels and get your more bang for your marketing buck.

*Please note, this event will be held on Zoom and a link will be sent 24 hours in advance*