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Lift As You Climb: women and the art of ambition with Viv Groskop | giovedì, 03. settembre 2020

I am really excited to announce that our second Masterclass will be led by Viv Groskop, journalist, broadcaster, author & champion of women!

About this Event

In our informal and highly interactive online event, Viv will bring her usual blend of humour and almost frighteningly accurate insight, and discuss:

• How to reinvent yourself

• How to support yourself as you support others

• What ambition looks like in a post-Covid age

• Whether it’s OK to be forthright, visionary and optimistic at this time — or is that opportunistic?

• How to find help and inspiration?

• How do you stay collaborative and team-focused when you’re working from home?

• How can you reshape your business if the pandemic has left it shaky?

• And how do you get back on your own campaign trail if redundancy has derailed you?

Viv is the author of, “How to Own the Room,” one of the best books you’ll ever read, as a working woman. Viv hosts the podcast of the same name, in which she interviews inspirational women about their careers and the paths they’ve taken – her guests include Hillary Clinton, Mary Beard, Nadiya Hussain, Catherine Tate, Trinny Woodall…the list goes on and each episode is not only full of interest in itself but also packed with helpful tips to help women reach full their potential and navigate the world of work.

Earlier this year Viv’s new book “Lift As You Climb” was published by Penguin Random House – and once again it’s a game changer. Viv looks at the art of female ambition and how it is possible to help other women as well as yourself, without having to take a step back to the 1980s when emotion was for wimps and to get ahead you needed a Filofax and shoulder pads.

Lift As You Climb is full of clever insight and advice on women and ambition, it is laugh out-loud funny in places while winceingly accurate in others.

I recommended the book to a friend who used the approach Viv suggests in a request for a pay rise. My friend walked out with a 20% increase. True story – and when women start helping other women so they benefit financially, that is when the game really changes.


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