08. luglio 2020 - 13:00 fino 16:00
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Diva Storytelling: d'Séraphine liest vir! | mercoledì, 08. luglio 2020

She's gorgeous, she's gracious, she's talented, but most of all she's FA-BU-LOUS!

Séraphine isn't just a lady, she's a top class woman who has no difficulties to enchant you with here beautiful voice and intoxicating stories. Last year she brought an own written ***** version of Romeo and Juliet and the crowd absolutely adored it. Normally, the seats are limited. However, this year, Séraphine will enter your living rooms, and she'll tell you another one of her famous stories. And, there is even better news! To allow everyone to experience these wonderful stories, we will provide subtitles in Luxembourg, French and English.


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