12. gennaio 2019 - 10:00 fino 11:15
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Yoga for Veterans, Mindful Resilience Course at VFW Jan-Feb 2019 | VFW Post 7721 | sabato, 12. gennaio 2019

This Yoga for Veterans course is based on the Mindful Resilience for Trauma Survivors program created by the Veterans Yoga Project. Mindful Resilience has been successfully integrated into mental health and addiction treatment programs for veterans and active-duty military across the US and Canada. The program is an evidence-informed, clinically-tested yoga program that was developed specifically for veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress and other psychological :
- Experience relief from the symptoms of PTSD 
- Relieve chronic pain due to past injuries
- Heal the nervous system in a safe, relaxing environment 
- Learn how to breathe easy, focus clearly, move freely, and rest : Geva Salerno is a certified yoga instructor and is certified by the Veterans Yoga Project to teach Mindful Resilience to Trauma Survivors. This course is sponsored by VFW Post 7721. It is FREE to veterans. Limited to 15 participants. No age limit, veterans of all conflicts and wars welcome. Reserve your spot below.