11. ottobre 2019 - 7:00
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Nepal, Mustang - A journey back in time | Muktinath Mandir | venerdì, 11. ottobre 2019

Join us in Nepal for an uplifting experience.. $300 secures your spot, limited places. We walk you into ancient Buddhist villages and you can be a part of the simplistic life of Nepal. Step back in time and enjoy the diverse scenery and surrounds without modern day distractions. Challenge yourself on our trek (beginner level is fine), meet new people and cultures, learn about the Nepalese lifestyle and traditions and most of all walk the ancient Hindu pilgrimage trail to Muktinath, where you can bathe if your brave, in the 108 fountains of Shiva and say a prayer in the temple. We also treat you to an authentic home visit with our family, where you can really get a glimpse into Nepalese life.My husband Govin and I will take you on this personal journey, like our name suggests reconnecting you with you. Be part of our small group journey, a trip of a lifetime you’ll never forget.  To learn more and see our itinerary go to www.reconnectiontreks.org