05. novembre 2020 - 10:00 fino 13:00
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SOTX Rio Grande Valley 12-15 yrs McAllen Bowling Competition | Flamingo Bowl | giovedì, 05. novembre 2020

Volunteer Opportunities are as follows, so arrive early:

Escorts - walk athletes to the correct bowling lanes
Lane Managers - overview of bowling lanes, to make sure the athletes are all present and in the correct lanes
Awards - sum scores, place each athlete, and presenting awards to all participants

Area One Staff requests, all who are interested in volunteering, to please arrive by 8:30 A.M., to receive your duties. Thank you foryour time you will serve as a Special Olympics Texas Volunteer for the day of the event, and know your time is always appreciated.
For questions regarding this competition, please call our office at (956) 630-3434 or via email to lgarza@sotx.org or ytrinidad@sotx.org.