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That's What She Said - Manchester: Edinburgh Fringe Fundraiser | The Old Abbey Taphouse | venerdì, 19. maggio 2017

Are you ready for another raucous Manchester edition of For Books’ Sake’s spoken word night, all written and performed by women, 'That's What She Said'? Good.

We welcome a wide range of speakers, from slam poetry to storytelling and contemporary political thought to comedy. We bring women’s voices to the forefront, while at the same time giving a platform to writers and performers we love.

Featured speakers on the night:

When Rachele Whatever grows up she wants to be just like all those other celebrities. She wants to sing pretty songs about how god **** sexy she am whilst at the same time promoting virginity, innocence and 'girl power'. She's going to talk about REAL issues - like how being fat is ugly and finding inner peace in some unknown, made-up religion. When she gets even bigger she's going to write about how hard it is being so immensely rich and how she has to have a coke problem because all the others had one.

Maz Hedgehog (@MazHedgehog) is a history grad and spoken word poet and performer whose favourite topics are identity, otherness and fairies. You can generally find her either on Twitter, reading fantasy novels or watching Star Trek.

Reshma Ruia (@reshmaruia) is a published writer based in Manchester. She is a co founder of The Whole Kahani, a writers collective of British writers of South Asian origin. Born in India, but brought up in Italy, her narrative portrays the inherent tensions and preoccupations of those who possess multiple senses of belonging.

Worker Bees (@WorkerBeesMcr) is a Manchester-based women writers collective who met taking part in Write Like a Grrrl. Some of the bees will be giving their sophomore performances at That's What She Said and we can't wait.

PJ Ramsay (@pj_ramsay) recently discovered she can channel her rage into creating characters just as cantankerous as she is, and making unsuspecting people pay to suffer through their ridiculous escapades. PJ self published 'In the Footsteps of Shadows', and the follow up, 'Of Rage and Ruin', is due in September. She is often to be found propping up the bar and engaging in self destructive activities that she can look back on in later life and pretend to regret. All in the name of research, you understand.

The Black Hearted ***** (@CarolynBHB) is a short story writer who recently moved to Manchester from the North East. She is political, often angry and a rebel. Her last boss described hjer as "The most difficult person she has ever had to manage". Writing makes her happy.

Roz Weaver is a Social Worker from Leeds who started writing spoken word pieces and poetry recently. She is a 'massive bookworm' and is influenced by myriad feminist fiction and non-fiction, authors and poets.

Nasima Bee (@NasimaBee) is a performance poetess based in Manchester and is part of the collectives Lips Inked and Young Identity.

This time we're only asking for minimum £5 donation as we're fundraising for our Edinburgh Free Fringe run, so if you can dig a little deeper, please do! We want to bring feminist spoken word to the masses of Edinburgh Festival and be able to eat 3 square meals a day while doing it!

Open mic walk ups on the evening are welcomed but with limited places it might be advisable to email paul@forbookssake.net if you have a burning desire to speak out and speak up.

And remember - For Books' Sake is a not for profit organisation, so all your pennies will be going back into championing women writers