16. luglio 2020 - 8:00
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Lean Transformation Academy - Strategy Deployment (7/16/20-7/17/20) | Lean Focus Headquarters | giovedì, 16. luglio 2020

Over these 2 days, Lean Focus will teach you HANDS-ON about Strategy Deployment and ensuring that your strategic priorities are focused, aligned, actionable and with clear measurements to track progress and impact. Using the famous hoshin-kanri X-matrix format (aka Strategy Deployment or Policy Deployment), you will learn unique and proven methodologies from former Executive Leaders who have extensive experience applying these tools and driving performance improvements, from start-ups to Fortune 200 organizations. 
During this hands-on workshop, you will apply real business strategies and will be armed with skills to apply towards your 2020 challenges.  You will be applying a case study so you can understand how the tools work and learn more about how strategy, daily management, and problem-solving intertwine.  Most importantly, you will be learning the key success factors to build a successful Leadership and Problem-Solving culture within your organization to drive real results.
Pre-work is required for this course, which includes bringing real strategic initiatives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to be worked on during the course.  Additional pre-reading may be sent to you with your registration confirmation along with information regarding event logistics and travel recommendations.  We also offer Problem-Solving and Daily Management courses prior to the Strategy Deployment session, which are great introductions into this session if you have not already taken the course!  Check out www.leanfocus.com for more course details.