18. dicembre 2019 - 19:30 fino 21:30
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DONNY EPSTEIN IN L.A.!!! The Magic of Creation for a New Humanity | The Industry Loft | mercoledì, 18. dicembre 2019

Dr. Donny Epstein the founder of EpiEnergetics, NetworkSpinal and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) will be in L.A. to give one of his super energy rich talks!
EpiEnergetics is a (r)evolution of how people, businesses, communities and the spaces connecting us interact, collaborate, evolve, and express their authentic signature in the world  Over the last 3 decades, millions of lives around the globe have been touched by EpiEnergetics. Their profound, radical, scientifically researched strategies and systems bring rapid transformation to seekers of all backgrounds.
It uniquely applies energy and information consciously and ecologically to produce your personal or organizational extraordinary.
You can effortlessly experience, harness, and evolve the energetics that shape your life, health, relationships, business, and reality...as you know it.
For more information about EpiEnergetics go to EpiEnergetics.com

All ticket sales goes towards the EpiEnergetics Foundation which provides and sponsors micro-grants to help those who need resourcefulness, but do not have the resources to seek it out and facilitate emerging research in the many disciplines as they relate to EpiEnergetics.