19. settembre 2020 - 13:00 fino 16:00
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The Artful Eye of Fashion Photography Part 1 In-Studio with Gregg Cobarr | Petersen Automotive Museum | sabato, 19. settembre 2020

Photography has always been an important part of presenting the latest designs in fashion. This workshop series given by Gregg Cobarr explores how fashion can be presented using a unique approach – the clothes are just one part of the entire equation, not the entire visual content. Attendees will come away with a different understanding of what is possible in fashion photography and how rules are made to be broken.
In this first workshop, as part of an ongoing series of three, workshop attendees will begin photographing in a studio setting and be an integral part of working with the model, exploring the many possibilities of studio lighting and how to effectively create images of a designer clothing line.

Attendees will be encouraged to develop their own style and at the same time, learn techniques of photographing fashion in a most exciting and fast paced environment. This will include specifics about how to maximize your work with models, utilize the many variables of lighting, experiment with visual ideas and at the same time, pay attention to presenting the clothes in an eye-catching manner.

Instructor Bio
Gregg Cobarr is a world-renowned entertainment/celebrity and fashion photographer with over forty years of professional experience. He has worked with music industry clients including Columbia and Epic Records, RCA, Capitol, Universal and Warner Music. In the TV and movie industry, he has done work for 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures. His fashion photos taken throughout the world have featured an array of international fashion designers. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Brooks Institute of Photography and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from California Institute of the Arts. Gregg’s work has been published both nationally and internationally in addition to numerous awards for his photography. He has had several exhibitions in Europe and the U.S. and has given Master Classes at International Photo Fairs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. His photography is in the permanent collections at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Gregg’s workshops extend throughout the world and he has a special passion for teaching his techniques. His photography can be viewed at: www.cobarrphotos.com
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