26. agosto 2019 - 8:00 fino 18:00
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400 Years: Reflections on Lessons Learned & Imagining Our Futures - BWW Annual Reproductive Justice Conference | The California Endowment | lunedì, 26. agosto 2019

Black Women for Wellness convenes the only conference centering the lived experiences of Black women & girls seeking reproductive justice. 400 Years reflects on the impact of systematic and institutional racism on our reproductive health status and the role of implicit bias in supporting racism and causing the health disparities currently experienced by African American and Black women.

400 Years intends to gather the lessons learned from our history, the battles fought, the victories won, the joys shared, and the insights to move forward. 400 Years will ask participants to imagine health and well-being for Black women & girls, name how it looks and feels, then plant seeds now that will grow toward that vision. Additionally, we will examine the connections and opportunities between our interaction with the environmental justice movement, our use of integrated voter engagement, and how we wield the media tools towards shaping and determining our futures.

For scholarships, please contact Stephanie Haynes at StephanieH@bwwla.com