10. settembre 2018 - 13:00
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Thank you Your Donation Transforms Lives! | COGL | lunedì, 10. settembre 2018

Many Ways to Donate
Because COGL is a network there are many ways you can partner through donations! Our network has several Teams who received designated donations for their events, outreach, and staff. Please scroll down until you find the Team you are hoping to support! Thank you for loving our City! Thank  you for taking action to make a difference.
Why Unify
The love of Christ compels us to unite together as local church and ministry leaders, in order to see the Greater Lansing Area transformed by Christ! We hope to help Christian Leaders, Ministries and Pastors to work together toward sustainable transformation in our region. Many recognize that no one organization can reach our entire city alone and that both complex spiritual and practical issues need to be addressed to accomplish the mission. However, the difficulty for the average stakeholder is finding the time to focus on the systemic solutions necessary to allow true partnership across church, ministries and geographical divides, while still remaining true to their organizations mission. This is where COGL plays a vital role. Our involvement broadens perspectives, encourages partnerships, catalyzes doable action, provides systems to unite and empower stakeholders to fulfill their individual missions, all while helping them better understand how they fit into the larger picture.
What it Takes
Imagine a movement sweeping our region that transformed both the earthly and eternal destinies of the multitudes of people who live there. We believe the church is called to pray for and work with city leaders, a people of good will, toward the peace and prosperity of our city. As we purpose to rally together our cities will reflect more fully God’s good intentions for cities and city dwellers. It takes an all hands on deck approach, every believer hearing and responding to the things God has called them to do and each church and ministry leader working with those who have similar passions and callings so that we are no longer divided, but can stand united and strong. An effort to purposefully work together will provide reliable data, increased outcomes, greater impact, deeper relationships, broader understanding of the multiplicity of issues, improved peace between our Christian organizations, decreased competition, and finally exponential kingdom impact.
How Your Donations Help
The reality is if we are going to help the entire regional church connect and align where willing and able, it is going to take a ton of work, both administrative and relational. Your donations make it possible for us to continue the summits, conferences, prayer and relational meetings necessary to continue to vision cast, encourage, empower, strengthen and build up the regional body of Christ! We of course work with an entire army of volunteers for these various events, but it takes a core staff to ensure these endeavors are coordinated, collaborative, effective, and helpful to both the individual churches, ministries, organizations and the regional Church as a whole.
*If giving a donation over $1,000 please write a check payable to COGL and mail it to 1820 Sunset, Ste. 102 . Lansing MI 48917* Any Questions email exec.dir@iCOGL.com