25. giugno 2019 - 18:00 fino 20:00
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Live Jazz & BBQ at the Roblero Pit with David Lautrec | The Roblero Pit | martedì, 25. giugno 2019

Live Jazz & BBQ! It doesn’t get better than that!For a select engagement, The Roblero Pit in La Quinta is featuring two very talented members of Desert Redux. Pianist David Lautrec and percussionist Ken Becker will perform live for a limited time. Jazz is the theme, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised with other genres that may spontaneously combust!The Roblero Pit is the new talked and written about upscale BBQ eatery ‘down valley.’ Owner, Chef Nef has a culinary talent that must be experienced.BBQ and Jazz…it just doesn’t get better than that. Don’t miss this one.