12. settembre 2019 - 18:00 fino 19:30
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OpAmp - An Entrepreneur Gathering | Depot Community Room | giovedì, 12. settembre 2019

Are you an entrepreneur, an inventor or someone with a passion for running a business looking for partners?

6-6:30 PM Join us for networking, drinks, and Lo-Carb Foodz- per popular request. 
6:30-7PM Fireside Chat with Jennifer Way, CEO and Founder- Way Solutions
7-7:30 PM Networking
Jenn is an Entrepreneur who has grown a highly successful  HR/Talent business - but it was not always a smooth ride. Join us for a Fireside chat to talk about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, how to win business with large corporations, and how to protect your IP in a competitive field. 
From Jenn's LinkedIN:  I'm on a mission. People want to derive more value from their work. We develop holistic talent solutions that integrate corporate and personal perspectives that results in greater value to both parties. Companies get more engagement and people feel more fulfilled. It's the way to work...hence Way Solutions was born.

When we gather inputs with great differences, our outputs will be amplified.