13. agosto 2017 - 21:30 fino 23:00
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Natassa Mpofiliou | Babel II - Summer Edition | SANI FESTIVAL | domenica, 13. agosto 2017

Full of light

‘BABEL2’ by Natassa Mpofiliou is multifaceted, but fully comprehensible.

Natassa Mpofiliou was born in Athens in 1983 and she started her journey in singing at 21, while also studying law at the Law School of Athens University.

In 2004, she auditioned for the ‘Mikri Arktos’ record label and made an impression, participating with two songs on an album. A year later, she recorded her first solo album, followed by collaborations with distinguished composers, such as Stavros Xarchakos, and acclaimed colleagues, such as Eleonora Zouganeli and Giannis Haroulis. Her collaboration with Gerasimos Evangelatos and Themis Karamouratidis resulted in many hits. On Sunday, August 13, the singer will appear at Sani Festival, more extroverted than even before, with passion, intensity and rhythm, in the high aesthetic and excellently produced ‘BABEL2’ performance, based on her fifth recording collaboration. It contains everything: all her greatest hits, as well as unexpected journeys to favourite moments in the past. Her exceptional voice is accompanied by a finely tuned band with original Dionysian orchestrations.