07. dicembre 2019 - 7:00 fino 17:00
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Tombomb Wahine Classic 2019 | the Bay (Kohanaiki Beach Park a.k.a. Pines) | sabato, 07. dicembre 2019

Check-in:  7:00 am
Contest Start:  7:45am
Beach Clean-Up   7:00am to 1:00pm
Lunch Break   11:30am
Men's Bikini Division: after all the girls' surf!
Awards:  3:00pm
Benefit Donation Raffle for Kohanaiki 'Ohana:  ALL DAY
The Tombomb Wahine Classic began to promote women's surfing and encourage community involvement. We wanted to have a wahine surf contest and beach cleanup in Kona aimed at encouraging teamwork and camaraderie between women surfers. With its past success, we hope our event helps maintain our momentum promoting wahine surfers and protecting our beaches.
The day of the event we raise funds for Kohanaiki 'Ohana and Surfrider Kona through a benefit donation raffle made possible by our generous sponsors.
Surfrider Kona will join us to help out with the big beach clean up. ALL are welcome and encouraged to participate in the clean up!
Contestants will receive an event t-shirt and a pizza lunch.
Is camping included with registration for the contest?
Sorry, camping is not included. Camping is open to the public as usual and permits can be obtained through  http://www.hawaiicounty.gov/parks-and-recreation   
What can I bring with me to the event? 
Please bring your regular beach day essentials including SUNSCREEN, WATER, SNACKS, TOWELS,  etc. We will have water jugs too, so please bring your reusable containers.
I've heard this contest is run a little differently than other surf contests. How does it work?
The Tombomb Wahine Classic is set up on a team format.  Teams of 6 surf together in a heat and work towards a collective score. Each surfer achieves an individual score based on their top three scoring waves. The individual scores will be added up to achieve a team score. 
Are there other activities for the teams throughout the day? 
At check-in, you'll be introduced to your teammates and handle your very first task - naming your team. Once you've all come up with a team name, tell the registration team and they'll mark you down.Each team will participate in a few fun team-building activities - team hat decorating, photo booth, beach clean up, team cheer. In the past we've done lei po'o making, a trash fashion walk-off, an obstacle course ... we'll keep you posted on this year's activities, but be ready for anything! 
What's the judging criteria?
For the individual surfing scores standard criteria apply - style, skill, length and quality of waves, completion of tricks. But because our event is a little different and  because the focus of the event is on camaraderie and fun -  tricks, board hop-ons, headstands, shared rides, and dramatic dismounts are encouraged!
What's a Booster Wave? And a Double Booster?
The last 5 minutes of the heat is signaled by a double blast from the horn - in the last 5 minutes, teams can earn an extra 5 points added to their total score by catching a "Booster Wave"; all team members riding the same wave for 5 seconds.  A "Double Booster" is when all 5 team members link hands while riding the same wave.
So how does a team win?
The top two highest scoring teams will compete in a "Final" heat. If the waves cooperate, the teams will have a chance to surf another heat. If the conditions have deteriorated, teams will participate in a substitute "Final" competition - possibly a relay race, Tug-o-War...or maybe this year a costume contest! More info on that later ...
Can I pick my own team?
To be fair, entrants cannot select their own teams.  We will select teams of 6 prior to the event. Each team will be made up of diverse water women from rookie to expert, shortboarder to longboarder and anywhere in between.
Can I enter at the beach the day of the event?
Beach entry is as an ALTERNATE ONLY and the entry fee is $25. Please register online!
What's the Men's Bikini Division?? How did that start?
One year we had really good swell for the event and all the boys on the beach spent all day frothing to surf..so after all the girls' heats, we announced the guys could go out in one big Winner-Take-All heat - but there was a catch;  They had to surf wearing bikinis to show their support for the Wahine on the beach. To our surprise, the Kane happily donned their borrowed bikinis and thus began the hilarious tradition of the Men's Bikini Division!
To enter, sign up at the registration tent the day of the event, find a bikini to wear, and get ready to battle it out in the Winner-Take-All heat! It's usually towards the end of the day. Entry is $1, winner take all!
Is the beach clean up for contestants only?
No!! We hope everyone attending the event will participate in the beach clean up. Surfrider will be there helping us keep our beaches clean and any and all community effort is encouraged and appreciated.
How can I contact the organizer if I can't make the event?
If you've registered and can't make the event, contact us at (808) 557-9112 and we can refund you up until one week before the contest.