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Books by Onedia Gage | United States | mercoledì, 22. agosto 2018

Love Letters to God from a Teenage Girl
From a former teenager to a teenager, I love you! God loves you more; more than you love yourself. These letters represent the conversations which will grow your knowledge and will assist you in building your faith. The scriptures will assist you in finding answers to the concerns and questions you have. This is the tool to enhance your relationship with God.
            Let these words comfort and console you, encourage and bless you, embrace and educate you from a God who created you. Remember that God is available to you and has never left you. You will be encouraged by the fact that God is ever-present in every situation, no matter how bad or how strange. 
            Read these love letters knowing that you will find yourself and find yourself in a comfortable place with God. You will love yourself more. You will forgive yourself more. You will address yourself more truthfully. You will create a better environment for your soul.  You will understand God better. You will love God more. You will increase your faith. You will have better self-esteem. You will be able to address God more authentically.
            Love Letters to God from you!
 It would be great to have you order as a group however it is okay if they are ordered separately! Please share with everyone! Thank you in advance!!!

As We Grow Together Daily Devotional for Expectant Couples
In this devotional, you will investigate who you think you are and discover who will be as a new parent. For those of you thinking: “but I am not a new parent,” I beg to differ. You are a new parent each time you parent. My mother was a different parent to me than she was to my sister. In between children, we grow, change, learn and decide to be different parents. So you will parent differently. Lastly, you are new to that little one and that little one is new to you. While experience is the best teacher, most of our experiences demand our change.



As We Grow Together Prayer Journal for Expectant Couples
The prayer journal can serve as a companion to the daily devotional or can stand alone. This prayer journal allows space for reflection, meditation, and prayers. It will truly enrich your spirit.



In Purple Ink: Poetry for the Spirit
In Purple Ink Poetry for the Spirit “I only write the important stuff in purple ink,” Onedia N. Gage. Purple ministers to your spirit. Let the words pour over your spirit. In Purple Ink drives you back to Him, your Creator, your Provider, your Lover, Your Lord, your Comforter, and your Saviour. In Purple Ink reminds you of your Center, your Source. Settle down and immerse yourself in these words designed to reconcile your spirit to God’s. This powerful reconciliation reignites the definition of love. This power confirms the covenant relationship which exists between the two of you. God always awaits and eagerly anticipates our return to Him. The love He defines is based on Him and His perfection. Our finite, flawed, feeble, and fragile definition and perception only causes further confusion and provides barriers to the blessings He plans to provide. Take the risk. Expose your spirit. Share your love with others. Use this time to discover your spirit. To discover your inner strength through In Purple Ink. Trust Him with your heart. In Purple Ink explores the relationship between us and the Spirit. In Purple Ink: Poetry for the Spirit.

On This Journey Daily Devotional for Young People

On This Journey Daily Devotional for Young People combines scripture, biblically based commentary, inclusive of personal testimony, and prayer designed to equip you as young Christian to make impacting decisions according to God’s word and design; decisions which effect your future.
OTJ presents non-confrontational methods to solve your problems and address your issues. This daily devotional enables you to seek support daily. This devotional impacts your thoughts and offers you support for the journey.
OTJ encourages daily self-investigation and self-evaluation. You will grow for the journey by answering questions such as “am I a Christian,” “how so I know I am a Christian,” “how do I handle peer pressure,” “how do I know God loves me,” just to name a few.
As a young person, you demand answers to your questions. OTJ provides a venue to answer those questions. OTJ provides a forum for you to start dialogue with parents, pastors and peers.
OTJ facilitates spiritual growth and Christian commitment. OTJ provides tools for growth, maturity, consistency and will influence their ability to engage in leadership amongst their peers.



On This Journey Prayer Journal for Young People
On This Journey Prayer Journal for Young People presents the same scripture and prayer on the corresponding dates. The prayer journal allows space for prayers, thoughts, prayer requests, praise reports and what God leads you to write. Although they were designed to be companions, they can be used separately.



Promises, Promises

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love,” popular words from yesterday that we keep singing today. It is the journey of love traveled by the heroine in Onedia N. Gage’s novel that entices us to travel down that same road.
Dr. Antoinette M. Harden, affectionately known to her family, friends, and colleagues as “Toni,” is a well-respected pediatrician, and adorned by many in her community.
With the love and support of her close friends, Darius, the tall dark and handsome man every woman wants in her life, and Jelly, the sister-friend who is real enough not to be threatened by Toni’s many accomplishments, Toni blazes through life.
By choosing to love Toni gets bruised along the way, a failed relationship with her father that leaves her with questions until that relationship meets head on with her future does she attempt to get the answers that will allow her to choose to love again.
Toni will meet the man, Philip, who she will love unconditionally, but not before Jonathan who she stayed with for no good reason except it wasn’t time for the wonders of Philip. Toni learns in life that until you know what you don’t want, will you know what it is that you do want.



The Blue Print: Poetry for the Soul
The Blue Print: Poetry for the Soul, delves into your soul and demands your investigation of what is passionate and pure in your life. It offers you the conduit for soul searching and begins a journey deigned to reconcile your spirit. The Blue Printshows you your desired place is achievable.



The Measure of a Woman: The Details of Her Soul

The Measure of a Woman shares the details of her soul. The Measure of a Woman offers women a safe place to open her soul. For healing. For love. For power. For her to put her stuff down.
The Measure of a Woman attaches concrete words and concepts to the unspeakable feelings; those feelings which she may never be inclined to share.
The Measure of a Woman: The Details of Her Soul.