05. settembre 2019 - 9:30 fino 16:30
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Certified Learning Professional Program Brisbane | ILP Learning Hub | giovedì, 05. settembre 2019

Obtain The L&D Industry’s Master Benchmark
Certified Learning Professional (CLP) is the master professional benchmark within the learning and development industry. It is what sets highly skilled facilitators and trainers apart in our profession. This benchmark:

Recognises capabilities, experiences and achievements,
Identifies individuals achieving great results through their learning initiatives,
Provides quality assurance to existing and potential clients.
CLPs are acknowledged for their extensive experience and ongoing professional development.  Achieving this benchmark will give you an industry-wide recognised standard of excellence to stand out with clients and employers.

The Certified Learning Professional Program is the opportunity for attendees to demonstrate their facilitation skills, observe other talented facilitators in action, and receive valuable constructive feedback on their 40 minute session.