18. maggio 2019 - 11:00
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Pet Dog Ambassador - Level 2 (Dogs 6+ months old) | Willamette Mission State Park | sabato, 18. maggio 2019

Class Days: Saturdays 11am - 1pmClass Dates: 5/18 - 7/20 (NO CLASS 6/15)The Pet Dog Ambassador (PDA) is a 9-week program for dog guardians to test their knowledge, skills and ability to manage their canine companion in real life settings. Its aim is to acknowledge the hard work and commitment that guardians and their dogs undertake to make their shared lives enjoyable and recognizes these efforts from a puppy’s very early training. The program aims to encourage guardians to continue training and developing new skills, abilities and knowledge.
The Benefits of The Program:

Improve the relationship between pet dogs and their guardians

Help guardians gain a better appreciation of force-free dog training and its applications to everyday living

Improve the knowledge of socially responsible pet guardians

Increase guardians’ knowledge and understanding of local laws in their locality

Equip dogs and guardians with the skills to be out in the wider community in settings such as cafes and outdoor eating areas, off leash areas, busy streets and beaches

Demonstrate to the public the advantages of a well-trained dog

All dog Guardians who have reached the legal age of accountability in their country (usually 18 or 21 years) are encouraged to become actively involved in the Pet Dog Ambassador Program. The program is suitable for all, including Guardians and/or dogs with a disability or special needs.
Canine Candidates 
These are dogs of any breed or mixed breed aged from four months. Dogs with special needs can also be assessed with exercises being adapted if necessary. It is mandatory that dogs have a veterinary health check before taking part in the assessment. Not all dogs are suitable to undertake every level of the Pet Dog Ambassador Program.; reactive and/or anxious dogs should contact the host to determine if a group class is appropriate for your dog.
Tangible Evidence of Success
As well as the pride in the hard work that they do, successful dog and guardian teams are awarded with a certificate, medallion, and title.