17. aprile 2021 - 10:00
Mocobo centro culturale, Frascati
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Tribal Fusion Express 2020 with Piny,Olga Meos,Swan,Violet Scrap | sabato, 17. aprile 2021



April, 26th 2020

This would have been the weekend of our festival, we are so sad it didn't happened but we are glad that the emergency is slowly decreasing and so, in not so far, we will be finally able to do things we were used to do that we had to renounce during this tough times.

Every country is planning his second reopening fase after the first one of emergency. In our country the last who will open again will be theatres, cinemas, concerts, etc...in short: cultural events and entertainment. And we don't know exactly when it will be. Probably by the end of this year, so probably November will be not yet the right moment for our festival because we would not be able to make the shows and the shows has always been so important in our festival and they are important for all the artists who are part of them, for our audience, for the students who has to perform in the two performance intensives offered and for all the students who attends the workshops who would like to enjoy watching their teachers and idols performing live.

For this reason we have taken the hard decision to officially postpone our event to NEXT YEAR.

This edition will be done exactly the same, next year 18-19 April 2021.

Same teachers already confirmed, same workshops, performance intensives and shows.

Postponing to next year will give us the time to arrive to the right moment for having shows again and we hope also it will give to all of you more time to be comfortable again to travel, to watch shows, to dance together, to enjoy the whole dance festival.

All the partecipants have received a mail with all the info about confirming their spot or ask for refund.

If you have any other question please write us: email

Thank you for your support and flexibility and for helping us to go on with the project!

Hope to see soon and dance together!


Aradia Spell a.c.a.s.d. is pleased to present the Tribal Fusion Express International Dance Festival 9th edition.

Rome 17th and 18th of April.

Special Guests: Piny Orchidaceae (PT), Olga Meos (KZ/EST), Swan (IT), Violet Scrap (IT).


17th April:

10:00-14:00 *Performance Intensive* with Olga Meos

10:00-14:00 *Performance Intensive* with Violet Scrap

14:30-16:30 *Waving & Tutting* with Swan

16.30-18.30 *Vogue Fusion Belly Dance* with Piny Orchidaceae

21.00 SHOW

18th April:

10:00-12:00 *Rooting for you* with Violet Scrap

12:00-14:00 *Inspiring by Classic (2020edition)* with Olga Meos

14:30-16:30 *Contemporary Fusion Belly Dance* with Piny Orchidaceae

16:30-18:30 *Floorwork* with Piny Orchidaceae


WORKSHOPS: OPEN LEVEL max 15 participants.


Descriptions (check below ? for ITALIAN):

*4hrs PERFORMANCE INTENSIVE with Olga Meos*:

It’s a stunning experience of participating in the creation of a group choreography, the discovery of

new ideas, movements and getting the most positive emotions together! The project consists of three phases:

1. You study choreography by Olga’s video tutorials, which are sent in advance. And costume

recommendations (dress-code).

2.Then 4 hours of practicing, drilling, cleaning and working out and constructing of the

whole dance.

3. Performing together at the TRIBAL FUSION EXPRESS SHOW!

*4hrs PERFORMANCE INTENSIVE with Violet Scrap*:

Inspired by the stars and the other fun things that happen in the sky, Violet has worked to conduct a little adventure on a space ship that will lead our dancing in and out of the Solar System. The work will be an unreleased extension of the 2018's show Nebula.

*2hrs workshop “WAVING & TUTTING” with Swan*:

We will work on the fundamental techniques of arms and body waves, applying rhythmic, style and form variations. We will mix Waving style with other styles to create different effects. And we will work on lines and tuts creating geometrical shapes and combinations (Tutting).

*2hrs workshop “VOGUE FUSION BELLY DANCE” with Piny Orchidaceae*:

Vogue is a very interesting and complex culture and dance style. It has its roots in the

underground gay community and now its spread all over the dance world. Runway, lines, arms

and hands performance, we will try to understand the foundations and how to work them to

fuse it. The connection will be incredible.

*2hrs workshop “ROOTING FOR YOU” with Violet Scrap*:

A two hour long review of everything earthy: deep hips, deep circles and deep drums. In an attempt to become all things different, tribal fusion sometimes can forget where it comes from, that is: from the core. Here we'll see how to dive in, so to speak, the dirt of belly dance, to tap onto the quintessential gravity of our hips and our bellies.

*2hrs workshop “INSPIRING BY CLASSIC (2020edition)” with Olga Meos*:

Getting inside Classical Music and dissolve in it. Classical music heals, resurrects in the past, and most importantly, it inspires sometimes the most unexpected deeds and creations. In our plan for this lesson: 1. We will go through new sides of understanding how to create movement with different sounds and melodies. 2. Information about basic musicality knowledges and terms you can find everywhere. But how it can inspire us? 3. Monotone music it's not a problem. How to create contrast movements and make amazing performance with instrumental music? 4. When I'm listening classic, always I'm imagine dancing ballerina in my mind. Beautiful movements, arms, postures. Let's go through some of them.

*2hrs workshop “CONTEMPORARY FUSION BELLY DANCE” with Piny Orchidaceae*:

Learning tools, concepts, movements. Working in technique and exploring different movement

qualities, spacial concepts, creating body awareness to move tridimensional. Going trough

Contemporary Dance vocabulary to be able to enrich the fusion.

*2hrs workshop “FLOORWORK” with Piny Orchidaceae*:

Moving in the floor, through the floor, learning to touch it with the hands, the knees, the back,

the belly. Learning how to move low, how to spin, how to slide and dive. We need the strength

to do it and to go back to some of our primary motions, lose the fear and had new layers to our

dance vocabulary.


TFE Registration = 5 euro

Workshop = 50 euro

Performance Intensive = 120 euro

6 Workshops Pack= 280 euro *EARLY BIRD PRICE 250 euro (until 31st December)*

Performance Intensive + 6 workshops Full Pack= 380 euro *EARLY BIRD PRICE 350 euro (until 31st December)*


WORKSHOPS & PERFORMANCE INTENSIVES: Mocobo Centro Culturale. Via Pellegrino Matteucci,98. Rome (metroB Piramide/ train station Ostiense)

SHOW: Teatro L’Aura. Vicolo di Pietra Papa 64/corner with Via Pietro Blaserna,37. Rome (metroB Marconi or Garbatella or San Paolo or train station Trastevere)

SHOWCASE: RomArt Factory. Via Stanislao Carcereri, 7. Rome (metroB Garbatella)


email: email

infoline sms&whatsup: +39 3332189141




È un’esperienza meravigliosa di partecipazione alla creazione di una coreografia di gruppo, la scoperta di idee e movimenti nuovi nella ricezione collettiva delle più positive emozioni! Il progetto consiste in tre fasi:

1 Apprendimento della coreografia attraverso i video tutorial di Olga, mandati in anticipo. Così come le indicazioni per il costume (dress-code).

2. Seguono le 4 ore di partica, allenamento, pulizia e creazione delle formazioni e costruzione dell’intera danza.

3. Danzare insieme al TRIBAL FUSION EXPRESS SHOW!

*4ore PERFORMANCE INTENSIVE con Violet Scrap*:

Inspirata dalle stelle e dalle altre divertenti cose che succedono nello spazio, Violet è pronta per condurvi in una piccola avventura su una navicella spaziale che porterà la nostra danza dentro e fuori il nostro Sistema Solare. L’opera sarà un’estensione inedita dell’edizione 2018 dello show Nebula.

*2ore workshop “WAVING & TUTTING” con Swan*:

All’interno del workshop lavoreremo sulle tecniche base di arm waves e body waves, applicando variazioni ritmiche, stilistiche e di forme. Mischieremo lo stile Waving con altri stili in modo da creare effetti differenti. Lavoreremo inoltre su linee e tuts, creando forme geometriche e combinazioni (Tutting).

*2ore workshop “VOGUE FUSION BELLY DANCE” con Piny Orchidaceae*:

Vogue è una cultura ed uno stile di danza molto interessante e complesso. Ha le sue origini nella comunità gay underground ed ora è diffusa in tutto il mondo della danza. Sfilate, linee, performance di braccia e mani, proveremo a conoscere le fondamenta e come lavorarle e fonderle. La connessione sarà incredibile.

*2ore workshop “ROOTING FOR YOU” con Violet Scrap*:

Una revisione lunga due ore di tutto ciò che è terreno: fianchi profondi, profondi cerchi e profonde percussioni. Nel tentativo di trasformare tutto in qualcosa di diverso, la tribal fusion può a volte dimenticarsi da dove provenga, che è: dal centro. Qui vedremo come tuffarcisi, e così parlare, del terreno della belly dance, per toccare la quintessenza gravità delle nostre anche e delle nostre pance.

*2ore workshop “INSPIRING BY CLASSIC (2020edition)” con Olga Meos*:

Entrare nella Musica Classica e dissolversi dentro. La musica classica risana, fa risorgere il passato e, cosa più importante, ispira a volte le più inaspettate opere e creazioni. Il piano per questa lezione: 1. Affronteremo nuovi aspetti della comprensione di come creare il movimento con suoni e melodie differenti. 2. Conoscenza di base della musicalità e terminologie che potete trovare ovunque. Ma come ciò ci può ispirare? 3. La musica monotonale non è un problema. Come creare movimenti contrastanti e realizzare fantastiche performance con la musica strumentale? 4. Quando ascolto la musica classica, immagino sempre nella mia mente una ballerina danzare. Bellissimi movimenti, braccia, posture. Andiamo alla scoperta di alcuni di essi.

*2ore workshop “CONTEMPORARY FUSION BELLY DANCE” con Piny Orchidaceae*:

Imparare strumenti, concetti, movimenti. Lavorare la tecnica ed esplorare differenti qualità di movimento, concetti spaziali, creare consapevolezza corporea per muoversi tridimensionalmente. Attraversare il vocabolario della Danza Contemporanea per essere capaci di arricchire la fusione.

*2ore workshop “FLOORWORK” con Piny Orchidaceae*:

Muoversi sul pavimento, attraverso il pavimento, imparare a toccarlo con le mani, le ginocchia, la schiena, la pancia. Imparare a muoversi in basso, come girarsi, come scivolare e tuffarsi. Abbiamo bisogno di forza per farlo e di tornare indietro ad alcuni dei nostri movimenti primari, abbandonare la paura ed aggiungere nuovi strati al nostro vocabolario di danza.