23. marzo 2019 - 11:15 fino 12:30
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Social Security Retirement Planning Workshop (Florence - Saturday, March 23rd) | Hilton Cincinnati Airport | sabato, 23. marzo 2019

FREE Social Security Retirement Planning Workshops
If you’ve worked hard and saved for retirement, but still plan on using Social Security to fund some of your retirement, knowing the ins and outs could mean tens of thousands of extra dollars. At our Social Security workshops, you’ll learn:

The ideal time to apply (changes are coming!)
Important information about spousal benefits
How to carefully time your 401(k) withdrawals
When to delay, when to file early, and why?
Tax implications that could save you thousands
And much, much more…

Social Security has gotten a lot more complicated. Once you apply, there’s no turning back. Make the right call the first time when you attend one of our FREE, 75-minute Social Security retirement workshops.