09. novembre 2020 - 10:00
Eurocentres Firenze, Florence
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David Cheifetz Still-Life Composition & Painting | lunedì, 09. novembre 2020

This workshop will focus on still life composition, brush painting, and knife painting. Any skill level of painting is welcome, David is happy to adjust his advice for each person’s level of experience. However, a solid drawing background is recommended. David will work individually with each student to compose a still life setup. The goal will be to create compositions with a powerful sense of focus.


Do not feel overly concerned with producing sell-able artwork during this workshop as it will hinder your learning. If you end up with something great, that is a bonus, but the aim of this workshop is for you to learn some key concepts that really sink in and will be useful for you later on. We will work hard and enjoy the process together!

About David:

David Cheifetz is an internationally acclaimed and collected artist. A former architect, David began learning to paint in 2007 at the classical Schuler School of Fine Art and in 2009 made the transition to full time art. David and his family live in Olympia, Washington. Cheifetz paints alla prima, an oil painting technique in which wet paint is applied to previous layers of wet paint. He works without detailed underpainting or studies, creating atmosphere through prominent, expressive brushstrokes and strong chiaroscuro.

You can see more of David's work here:

Website: www.davidcheifetz.com

 Instagram: @david_cheifetz