20. novembre 2019 - 8:00 fino 12:00
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THRIVE Career Workshop | November 20 | Promega BTC Event Center | mercoledì, 20. novembre 2019

November 20, 2019Art of First Impressions for Positive ImpactSusan Young
CONNECTIVITY is EVERYTHING in today’s competitive world. With every new encounter, impressions are made. Opinions are formed—about you, your service, your company, your appearance, and your personality—all within a few short seconds. Those “seconds” can be the make-or-break or yes-or-no basis for your success.
Gleaned from Susan C Young’s new book, this program delivers tips and tools to help audience members prevent social mishaps, lost business, rejection, low self-esteem, failure, career complacency, and lifelong frustration. With high energy and easy relatability, Susan teaches how to build and strengthen long-term mutually beneficial relationships, lead with confidence, communicate with courage, and ensure their impressions—from the first to the last—are positive and substantial.