18. settembre 2019 - 13:00 fino 16:30
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CV/ Application Surgery | Aberdeen City Council | mercoledì, 18. settembre 2019

CV/ Application Surgery
This event is available to Aberdeen City Council employee's only
As the organisation moves into the next stage of transformation, most employees will experience some degree of change in the way they work. At the same time new opportunities will open up – either internally or externally with partners etc. 
Presenting your ‘best self’ is a skill everyone could benefit from.  This CV/ Application  Surgery aims to do just that by helping you understand what employers are looking for, recognise your own skills and abilities and tailor your resume to present these in the most effective way. 
As well as offering tips on best practice, the surgery also offers individual support.  If you already have a CV or are in the process of completing an application form please bring this with you.  You might find also it useful to bring a laptop so that you can work on a ‘live’ document at the surgery.
Alternatively, if you want to practice writing your CV / Application form at a time more suitable for you  please click here to access some links and resources you may find useful.
Venue Details
Wednesday 8th May 2019, 0930 - 1300, Room 2-S-01, Marischal College
Tuesday 18th June 2019, 0930 - 1300, Room 3-S-01, Marischal College
Thursday 18th July 2019, 1300 - 1630, Room 3-S-01, Marischal College
Tuesday 27th August 2019, 0930 - 1300, Room 3-S-01, Marischal College
Wednesday 18th September 2019, 1300 - 1630, Room 3-S-01, Marischal College