10. marzo 2021 - 9:00 fino 17:00
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Being an Engaging Manager (module 2 of the Step On: Step Up programme) | Various Locations | mercoledì, 10. marzo 2021

Being An Engaging Manager is the second of four modules in the Step On: Step Up Programme.  
This programme is targeted at new and existing first line managers and supervisors and seeks to provide the knowledge and skills as well as shape the attitude required to thrive as a manager and leader of people during the council's transformation to its new Target Operating Model and beyond.

What have previous attendees had to say about this workshop (series)?

"The sessions are for people who want to be better managers or who want to demonstrate that they still have things to learn. I'd go as far as to recommend all managers should undergo some kind of refresher training of this type"

"I enjoyed the course. It reminded me of things I have previously learnt but forgotten..."

In this module, you will:

focus specifically on how you work and engage with others to build productive relationships

deepen your understanding of how your leadership style impacts on working with others

understand more about the unconscious interactions and dynamics which occur between people and how to use this to promote high engagement

be clear what effective communication looks like and the impact this has on your role in building productive relationships

refresh your thinking and capability to hold effective performance conversations with workforce planning and development at the heart of what you do

The content of each module in the Step On: Step up programme builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the last.  To gain maximum benefit from the programme, please attend the modules in the order shown below. 

Mod 1:  Rethinking Leadership
Mod 2:  Being an Engaging Manager
Mod 3:  Creating a Performance Culture
Mod 4:  Leading through Uncertainty

Dates and venues for this course are as follows:

11th February 2020 - Room Q Woodhill House
13th May 2020 - Marischal College 4-W-02
9th June 2020 - Room Q Woodhill House
22nd September 2020 - Marischal College 4-W-02
11th November 2020 - Room Q Woodhill House
19th January 2021 - Marischal College 4-W-01
10th March 2021 - Marischal College 2-N-01