16. marzo 2019 - 11:00 fino 12:30
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GYROKINESIS (R) Masterclass on 16th March 2019 | St Augustines Events Centre | sabato, 16. marzo 2019

Do you know what the GYROKINESIS® Method is about? This is your chance. Once named ‘The yoga for dancers’, the system was created by Juliu Horvath () and borrows elements from Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, swimming and dance. Its main benefits are:- stretches and strengthens musculature- improves posture and circulation- releases the tension in the body- increases flexibility, strength and range of motion- develops body strength and body alignment awareness- develops coordination and the musculature- enhances balance and stability- articulates the spine- puts no stress on joints The main difference between this method and other movement techniques is that it offers three dimensional, circular movements that use specific breathing patterns. It facilitates spiralling moves, there is a continuous motion and it helps the participants to reach the maximum of their body possibilities in a non-intrusive manner. GET FIT with the latest innovative exercise system: • Build exceptional core strength and length • Develop whole body strength and flexibility • Increase motion and health in all joints of the body • Gentle for the novice exerciser, invigorating for the seasoned exerciserPolina Loubnina will also be playing live flute music at the GYROKINESIS® session - double treat! Polina Loubnina graduated from Novosibirsk Music College, flute. She has performed in Saint-Petersburg Show theatre, lectured at the College of the arts in Windhoek (Namibia),where she performed and recorded with various Namibian artists in diverse genres of music, as National Symphony Orchestra, musicals, films and contemporary music.She was a soloist of the internationally acclaimed band “Elelmotho”, performing on many stages of the world, like WOMAD, UK. Now living in Brighton, teaches flute and is working on different are limited so to book your place please get in touch. Fee is £15, paying at the door, and PLEASE bring your yoga mat or alike. Thank you and looking forward to working with you!