06. agosto 2020 - 9:30 fino 16:30
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Introduction to Strength and Conditioning | Movement Therapy Clinics | giovedì, 06. agosto 2020

Overview• Introduction to key strength and conditioning concepts• How to create a basic plan depending on the time of the season• How to conduct basic strength and power tests• Conducting a strength and conditioning session
Pre-Course:• You will complete a worksheet which covers the essentials of Strength and conditioning
During the morning session you will:• Definition of Strength and Conditioning• Differences between Strength, Power, Endurance, Speed, Agility• Developing a strength and conditioning programme• Conducting a needs analysis• RAMP Warm Ups• Periodisation
During the afternoon session you will:• Monitoring training load – Tim Gabbett• Periodisation cycles• Training priorities• Testing Strength and Power• Exxentric Flywheel training• Applying strength and conditioning prinicples
Assessment• Needs analysis for a sport/player/position• Design a circuit training session which includes: 3 exercises for movement preparation and 3 exercises for injury prevention based on the findings from the needs analysis