21. dicembre 2019 - 11:00 fino 16:00
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Birmingham Bowl | @Legion Field | sabato, 21. dicembre 2019

Historic Legion Field will host the annual Birmingham Bowl featuring teams from the Southeastern Conference and the American Athletic Conference. WoodmenLife family event #4 with only 200 tickets/spots available includes general admission ticket/concession voucher (Stadium Hot Dog, Souvenir Drink and chips) at designated stands. AL-N WoodmenLife members & their family for $5-member/$20-non-member guest ($25 value). Deadline: December 17th, don’t delay and please be courteous to others and only register sufficient tickets for your family. Refunds granted if cancelled on-line by deadline. If full, check back to eventbrite site, spots open as cancellations are made.

As you may know, family events are becoming quite the tradition and very popular. We are so blessed to be part of such a great group of WoodmenLife members in our Alabama-North region. YOU all expressed and displayed a true caring for each other and have embraced the vision and purpose of these family events. Thank You for making the atmosphere so family friendly and we continue to ask everyone to help us create a setting free of alcohol, profanity and tobacco. It really coincides with WoodmenLife’s mission of providing a quality family experience. WoodmenLife has sought for many years to be well known and appreciated as an organization with a strong commitment to family. We are again proud to be able to offer these events providing an opportunity for all 31,000+ Alabama-North members to enjoy a quality experience together with their family. In fact, let's challenge each other to put away the cell phones take the time to get acquainted and develop “**** to ****” relationships with other WoodmenLife members, WoodmenLife Representatives and especially your family. We’re confident your family will be pleased when deciding to attend.